The Donny Solid Oak Collection

The Donny solid oak collection is one of our most prestigious range. Each item is made from quality solid oak and with great durability makes the perfect furniture collection.

Donny Tall Chest of Drawers

W: 1100mm x D: 400mm x H: 1170mm




Donny Wide Chest of Drawers

w: 1500mm x D: 400mm x H: 820mm



Donny Bedside Locker

W: 560mm x D: 400mm x H: 705mm



Donny Console Table

W: 1100mm x D: 350mm x H: 750



Donny Corner TV Unit

W: 1040mm x D: 500mm x H: 700mm



Donny Nest of Tables

W: 630mm x D: 430mm x H: 520mm



Donny Wardrobe

W: 1000mm x D: 630mm x H: 1900mm



Donny Desk & Mirror

W: 660mm x D: 80mm x H: 630mm



Donny Bookshelf

W: 800mm x D: 360mm x H: 1820



Donny TV Unit

W: 900mm x D: 400mm x H: 645mm



Donny Lamp Table

W: 600mm x D: 600mm x H: 500mm



Donny Large TV Unit

W: 1500mm x D: 400mm x H: 680mm



Donny Sideboard

W: 930mm x D: 450mm x H: 900mm



Donny Display Unit

W: 1000mm x D: 360mm x H: 1800



Donny Telephone Table

W: 900mm x D: 360mm x H: 900



Donny Coffee Table

W: 1200mm x D: 700mm x H: 500mm