Hotel Style Beds

The headboards are a full sheet and can be made from 50-60” from the ground up. They can also be made in a range of designs with or without the framed border and add 3 rows of crystals or matching buttons and if you want it made plain that is also no problem. We only use the highest quality materials in all our products, these headboards are extremely heavy and take two men to lift.

Now time to choose your base. Our bases are very well made and can be covered in the same material as the headboard and if drawers are a necessity we can add end or side drawers (see our bases section for pics etc).

We also have a large range of mattresses to choose from have a look through our mattress section and drop us an email for pricing or for any queries.

Our large hotel style headboards can be made in a range of colours and designs. We have a large range of colours of leather, fabric and suede to choose from. We also have two colours of crushed velvet silver and mink.